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Future of retailing in 2022

By Rod Addy , 03-Sep-2007

Fridges and cupboards could automatically order staple foods for consumers, scrapping the need to do any shopping for these items, according to a report from Forum for The Future.

The sustainable development charity outlined visions of life in 2022 in a paper titled Retail Futures 2022. Predicted developments included glass-fronted, automated sustainable vertical farms, powered by renewable energy, communities operating on bartering and kitchen fixtures that order basic food staples automatically when they run low. The report was put together with input from Tesco and Unilever.

“By stepping back for a moment, we’ve tried to explore some of the trends which could play a vital part in securing a sustainable future for the retail industry,” said Dave Lewis, chairman of Unilever UK. “The future remains uncertain, but these four scenarios are a good starting point in understanding some of the challenges that could lie ahead.”

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